Guitar Tools


  • Dunlop Ergo Stringwinder

    Dunlop Ergo Stringwinder

    Dunlop's Ergo Stringwinder.

    This cool stringwinder looks as great as it works. The ergonomic design minimizes wrist fatigue while providing a more natural grip and smoother rotational action.

  • Dunlop black Turbo Tune stringwinder

    Dunlop black Turbo Tune stringwinder

    Dunlop's black Turbo Tune stringwinder. The newly redesigned Dunlop Turbo Tune guitar and bass string winder is just the tool you need to make string changing faster and easier. Constructed of durable industrial resin, the Turbo Tune winder features a steel shaft that snaps into a power screwdriver for rapid guitar string changes and glows in the dark so you can find it quickly in a gig bag or on a dimly lit stage.
  • Dunlop nickel Traditional Straplok System

    Dunlop nickel Traditional Straplok System

    Dunlop's Traditional Straplok System, in nickel finish. Extra wide flange provides an edge. Set (2 units for instrument and strap) adapts to instrument by replacing existing strap pins/screws with special Straplok System buttons/screws.

    Two strap attachments are included for your strap.

  • Grover Gold-Star strap buttons Straplocks

    Grover Gold-Star strap buttons Straplocks

    Gold-Star strap buttons.

    These new buttons offer players the opportunity to attach their strap with style. They keep the players’ strap locked without the hassles or expense of traditional strap locks. The two-piece screw on design let’s the player change styles easily while the oversized die-cast buttons and custom-fitted o-rings safely secure the strap. All hardware is provided and the installation process is simple. Replaces original strap button with no modification or damage to the instrument.

  • Fender Guitar Work Station

    Fender Guitar Work Station

    A soft pad with secured neck support cup holds a guitar at the proper angle for maintenance and adjustment. The neck support cup doubles as a storage compartment. The Work Station rolls up for easy storage in the provided tube. Fits all acoustic and solid body guitars.