Amplifiers and effects


  • Korg PITCHBLACK Chromatic Pedal Tuner with True Bypass

    Korg PITCHBLACK Chromatic Pedal Tuner with True Bypass

    High precision, advanced functionality and sleek style make this new guitar/bass pedal tuner from Korg our most advanced one yet. The Korg Pitchblack Guitar Tuner is the same size as a compact effect unit, and features a tough aluminum die cast body that will endure hard use on the road or in the studio. While small in size, this strobe pedal tuner boasts a large; easy to read LED meter with a light-emitting surface for excellent visibility in any setting from daylight, to stage light and to no light at all, as well as an extremely smooth eleven-segment LED meter that allows accurate visual tuning from any angle. With a red LED that indicates the on/off status, a large note name display, and a tuning guide that indicates whether your instrument is sharp or flat, you'll always be able to tune quickly and accurately in any situation. The Pitchblack Guitar Pedal Tuner provides a tuning range of E0 (20.60 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz), and adjustable calibration between 436 -- 445 Hz.
  • Univox Mega Amp's GL Series 30W RMS Bass Amplifier

    Univox Mega Amp's GL Series 30W RMS Bass Amplifier

    Mega Amp's GL Series 30W RMS Bass Amplifier.


    10" custom designed speaker; active/passive input; volume; bass; middle; treble; contour; effects loop; headphone jack.

  • Dunlop's 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah pedal

    Dunlop's 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah pedal

    Dunlop's 105Q Crybaby Bass Wah pedal.

    The first wah pedal designed by bass players for bass players. The 105Q incorporates a new proprietary potentiometer and custom EQ circuitry, specifically optimized for bass frequencies. The Crybaby Bass Wah applies the wah effect to the mids and highs only, leaving a strong fundamental to hold down the bottom. So, you can take solos or throw in fills without ever disturbing your low end. This amazing pedal is used by Flea (of RHCP), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (of IMA Robot), Doug Wimbish, Robert Trujillo (of Metallica), and more.

    CA$217.00 économisez 16%
  • MXR's M-80 Bass D.I.+ Distortion Direct box

    MXR's M-80 Bass D.I.+ Distortion Direct box

    MXR's M-80 Bass D.I.+ Distortion Direct.

    One-stop shopping for bass tone. The M-80 Bass D.I.+ is everything you need to get a great bass sound wherever it needs to go. First, dial in your tone with the 3-Band EQ. Blend in as much distortion as you like - without losing any low end. Even if you run a lot of distortion, the adjustable noise gate will keep it under control. Then send your new tone to your amp with the 1/4" output, to the P.A. via the XLR out, and to the recording console with the parallel 1/4" jack. A great sounding, do-it-all box that every bassist needs.

  • MXR's M-181 Bass Blowtorch Distortion/Fuzz pedal

    MXR's M-181 Bass Blowtorch Distortion/Fuzz pedal

    MXR's M-181 Bass Blowtorch Distortion/Fuzz pedal.

    Turn up the heat with the Bass Blowtorch, a revolutionary new concept in bass overdrive from MXR Bass Innovations. Fire it up for the hottest bass sounds this side of Hades — anything from the traditional tube-like growl to scorching high gain distortion. By focusing the overdrive in the midrange frequencies, the Bass Blowtorch lets you retain low end thunder and high-end sizzle while distorted mids blaze a path through even the densest mix. An active 3-band EQ with 3-position mid shift lets you zero in on an incendiary tone, while the Blend knob lets you balance your distortion with direct signal to taste. And the Bass Blowtorch burns as clean as it does hot, with 18-volt performance for increased dynamic headroom, clarity and low noise even at lethal volume. True hardwire bypass circuitry means that when you switch the distortion out, it's really gone. Housed in indestructible die-cast metal, the Bass Blowtorch has been stomped, mauled and road-tested by world class-touring bassists. So ignite your tone with the Bass Blowtorch. Guitarists will burn with envy.

    CA$237.00 économisez 12%
  • Ampeg SVT-410HE Bass Enclosure

    Ampeg SVT-410HE Bass Enclosure

    4 x 10" speakers with 2" coils and 30 oz. magnets. To enhance these is an added 1" horn. The cab handles 400W RMS and 800W program. 25" x 24" x 16". 91 lbs.
  • Ampeg SVT-410HLF Classic Series Bass Cabinet

    Ampeg SVT-410HLF Classic Series Bass Cabinet

    The Ampeg SVT-410HLF Enclosure gives you plenty of volume and clean low end. This 4x10" cabinet has the same speakers and 1" horn as the SVT-410HE with 2" coils and 30 oz. magnets, but the cabinet itself is tuned differently. It's deeper and has a bottom port that results in better low-end response, down to 28Hz! Ampeg SVT-410HLF Classic Series Bass Cabinet Specifications: 30"W x 24"H x 19"D 110 lbs.
  • Ampeg SVT-610HLF Bass Cabinet

    Ampeg SVT-610HLF Bass Cabinet

    The Ampeg SVT-610HLF 6x10 Bass Cabinet provides all the soul-stirring, breath-stopping punch and moan you need to hold down the bottom end. The bass guitar cab has 6 - 10" bass drivers with 30-oz.

    magnets and 2" voice coils, plus a 10-oz. horn with 1" coil to bring out the funky string snaps. Variable-level attenuator and resistive bulb wired in series with the horn to prevent damage. The SVT-610HLF also has rear skid rails for better protection and easier loading. 600W RMS and 1,200W program handling. 4 ohms impedance, 42Hz usable low frequency. 24"W x 40"H x 16"D. 115 lbs.

  • Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Enclosure

    Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Enclosure

    Decades of pro musicians don't lie, the Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Enclosure will rattle your foundation. 8 - 10" speakers produce an incredible wall-of-sound! Fidelity is enhanced by the fact that each pair of speakers is in a separate internal cabinet, which prevents standing wave interference. 800W RMS handling capability. 1,600W program handling. 4-ohm nominal impedance. Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Enclosure Specifications: 48" x 26" x 16". 165 lbs. Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Enclosure Features: 8 - 10" speakers Each pair of speakers is in a separate internal cabinet 800W RMS handling capability, 1,600W program, 4-ohm nominal impedance 26"W x 48"H x 16"D 165 lbs.
  • Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head

    Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head

    The tube preamp section of the Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head re-creates the great bass tone that made the original SVT the most respected bass amp of all time. The power section is solid state with a toroidal transformer that generates less noise and magnetic interference. Delivers 450W @ 4 ohms and has an arsenal of tone-shaping tools: 3 bands of tone, a 5-position mid selector, 9-band graphic EQ, plus low and high boosts. Other pro features include input peak LED, input pad and bright switch, mute function, tuner out, variable line-out level, time-delayed turn on, DC-supplied filaments, and variable fan speed. 2U rackmount. Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head Specifications: Dimensions: 19"W x 3-1/2"H x 15-1/2"D Weight: 26 lbs. RMS Power Output (8 Ohms): 275 ÿ RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 450 ÿ RMS Power Output (2 Ohms): n/a ÿ Tone Controls: 3 band ÿ Mid Tone Control: 5 pos ÿ Graphic EQ: 9 band ÿ Ultralow/High Boosts: Yes ÿ Balanced Line Out: Yes (Transformer) ÿ Effects Loop: Yes ÿ Pre-amp Out/Power Amp In: Yes ÿ Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head Features: Tube preamp section re-creates great bass tone of the original SVT 450W @ 4 ohms 3 bands of tone 5-position mid selector 9-band graphic EQ Low and high boosts Input peak LED Input pad and bright switch Mute function Tuner out Variable line-out level Time-delayed turn on DC-supplied filaments Variable fan speed 2U rackmount
  • Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head

    Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head

    The Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head gives you lots of tonal control and lots of power. This true hybrid features a 3-tube preamp, a Mos-Fet power amp that delivers 1,200W into 4 ohms, tone-shaping tools, and all the Pro features you'll ever need. For tone control you get 3 tone controls, a 5-position mid switch, a 9-band graphic, and ultralow/high boosts. It also features a defeatable optocoupler limiter, a variable 0-7:1 compressor, an internal 24dB/octave crossover, a 50Hz-1kHz crossover point, high/low balance control, tuner out/mute function, 1/4" biamp outputs, 2 balanced line outs with transformers, 2 effects loops, and 2 preamp out/power amp ins. It gives you classic SVT tone and more. Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head Specifications: Dimensions: 19 x 5.25 x 15.5 in. Weight: 42 lbs. Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head Features: 1200 watts @ 4 Ohms (2x600W) 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes 3-band EQ 9-band graphic EQ 5-position mid tone control Ultra low and ultra high boost switches 2 balanced line outputs 2 effects loops 1/4" and Neutrik Speakon outputs Input peak LED
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head

    Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head

    With the new SVT-VR, the Ampeg engineering and product development teams had one primary goal-get as close to the coveted tone of the classic SVT as possible. As a result, the preamp stage, power section, and even the rocker switches of the new SVT-VR emulate the exact signal path, tone, and vibe of the original. The all-tube, 300-watt SVT-VR amplifier is driven by a total of six 6550 power tubes for massive power and tone. In addition to the '70s style dials and rocker switches, the SVT-VR's preamp circuitry has been faithfully re-created to match the original. Ampeg SVT-VR Vintage Reissue 300 Watt SVT Amp Head Features: 300W 2-channel preamp 6 - 6550 power tubes Original power amp output spec and tube complement Original preamp signal path Original blue-line graphics and cosmetics Original EQ rocker switches XLR output Slave out